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Led Illuminated Signs

For many years, most of the lights had fluorescent, incandescent or neon lamps. With the use of new LED-based technologies, it is possible to reduce the cost of up to 90% in lighting as well as 50 times the lifetime of the common light bulbs.

Our company recommends and recommends the manufacture of signs, mainly with LED lamps or with Led modules (SMD 5050, 3528, 5630, 2835 etc.) for greater energy savings and longer life.

Here are the most important LED benefits:

LED lifetime. 50,000 - 80,000 hours in relation to 1,000-1,500 hours of incandescence.

They do not burn. LEDs have the advantage of being able to operate at 8-24V as well as from 110-260V depending on the transformer, so they do not burn in the event of a voltage drop from PPC.

Minimum consumption. LEDs consume about 1/10 of the incandescent lamp consumption and 1/5 of the fluorescent lamps.

Less heat. In LEDs when you light up, you will find that as close as you put your hand you will not burn as it would in an incandescent bulb. The heat produced by an incandescent lamp is in fact a loss of something that does not apply to led lamps. The LEDs convert to a very high percentage the energy we give them to light as they have smaller losses.

They retain 100% of the performance. The common lamps turn on gradually, while the LED lamps emit 100% of their brightness from the start. The LEDs retain their illumination performance from their first day of operation (maximum loss of 1%).

Environmental Friendly. It has been shown that energy lamps are dangerous to people and the environment, since they contain mercury, cadmium and radiation. The first health cases (dizziness, headaches) have already been noted in people who have such lamps in their premises.