Inscriptions of all kinds & promotional constructions

Gemini Letters

With 3D - three-dimensional embossed letters, the company's sign gives you another sense of visibility. The embossed gemini letters are made of various materials such as plexiglass, PVC, metal, inox, kapa line wood, also the possibility of cutting in large dimensions. The materials for the manufacture of gemini letters are:

Metal or INOX: Choosing the effect will be impressive as the metal and the inox give prestige to your sign. These materials are cut into a modern laser to accurately transfer your logo and brand name. There is the possibility of back-lit from neon or led if you want it either from the beginning of construction or later.

Plexiglass: Our well-known plexiglass gives you a peculiarity in your construction as it reflects the sunlight and gives a striking look. There is plexiglass lighting with LED or neon from the beginning of construction or later it can be illuminated with an additional projector.

PVC, Kapa Line and Wood: Three of the most affordable materials in the market for more economical, lightweight construction of your sign. These materials are cut into a router to accurately transfer your brand and logo. There is no back-lit these materials and their relief is specific (usually 10 mm).

These materials are mostly recommended for indoor use (exhibition stands, interior decoration-marking).