Inscriptions of all kinds & promotional constructions

Illuminated Signs

Impressive creations that show off with the use of proper lighting. The illumination of the sign can be achieved with LED lamps (our company recommends them for energy saving and longer lifetime), fluorescent lamps, or led modules in some cases. Choose a sign that will stand out for its unique aesthetics and quality. Our constructions at LekkasLabels include:

Flex Signs and Bright Lanterns: We manufacture three-dimensional or simply light traffic lights and signs of any size, from plexiglass aluminum profiles to the face or canvas.

Illuminated Pylon Signs: Pylons that stand out, with distinctive lighting that gives them a unique aesthetics when the light of day falls.

Engraved INOX Illuminated Sign: Impressive creations that take full advantage of the lighting dynamics.

The illumination of signs is mainly done (and preferred) with LED lamps for greater energy savings and longer life or with fluorescent lamps. The materials we use for the construction of the signs are tarpaulin, stickers which are selected with quality criterion, produced in Europe and have high durability. The illuminated signs are usually placed on the facade of the company-shop to show off and attract the attention of passers-by.