Inscriptions of all kinds & promotional constructions

Advertising Banners

Banners in various types and sizes to present your business. The banners can be made of PVC fabric or perforated material for air resistance. Easy installation, foldable, in a variety of dimensions. Ideal for exhibitions and for business promotion.

Here are the most commonly used banners:

Roll Up Banner self-powered projection system with a theme wrapping mechanism inside, the most common dimension is 85x200 cm.

Banner X and L single sided with digital printing on a flexible substrate (canvas) with X and L support respectively, most common dimensions 60x160 cm and 80x180 cm.

Flying Banner / Beach Flags with water base (sack or plastic base), sand, metal (4kg and 8kg), screwed, digitally printed on fabric for extra durability, ideal for outdoor use. Available in various dimensions 2.6 m, 3.1 m, 4.1 m and 5.2 m.

PVC fabric with digital printing (with or without lamination) and handcuffs to be able to hang it.