Inscriptions of all kinds & promotional constructions

Illuminated Channel Letters

Your sign gains volume and intense presence with bright, three-dimensional, volumetric - lettering or shapes. They can be manufactured in any dimension and chosen from a wide range of materials. Backlit,

Plexiglass Channel Letters: The result of 3D three-dimensional letters will magnify the look as it is an imposing structure. Using modern manufacturing methods, we cut into the Router the three-dimensional design or brand you want. Combining the construction with internal LED and / or neon lighting, the result is unique.

Metal & INOX Plexiglass Channel Letters: Get rid of the usual using metal embossed letters - channel letters in any size and any RAL color. The materials used include galvanized sheet metal and stainless steel. In this type of channel letters the lighting is backlit, which can be either from led modules (recommended) or neon.